Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum Will Scare You Silly

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Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum Will Scare You Silly

It’s only fitting that we dish out something spooky on this glorious holiday. Yeah, Halloween is a holiday and TBH it’s should be mandated that no one has to work, so we can all prance around in unicorn onesies, stuff ourselves full of candy, and get into some mischief. Like maybe take a trip to Nevada to visit Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum.

The museum officially opened this month, and let’s just say that it does not look like something for the faint of heart. For those who aren’t familiar with Zak Bagans, he the host of “Ghost Adventures” on The Travel Channel. So needless to say your experience will be as legit as it gets. In fact, guests are encouraged to bring their paranormal hunting gear on their tour!

Zak Bagans' Haunted MuseumPhoto via Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum

The museum is located inside the Historic Wengert Mansion. It’s just as creepy as it sounds. The home has been rumored to house hostile spirits who love to torture their tenants. There’s even speculation that dark rituals took place in the basement during the 1970’s.

Your tour will take you through the homes dark hallways, and hidden passageways into about 30 different rooms, all with something sinister in them. Some examples of objects you may encounter are a wine cabinet that inspired the movie “The Possession” and the original staircase from Indiana’s “Demon House”.

Zak Bagans' Haunted MuseumPhoto via Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum (yelp)

If that isn’t enough to pique your interest, then you may want to take into consideration that the museum makes guests sign a waiver before entering. You know, just in case you encounter something truly traumatizing. It sounds laughable, but some of these quotes from Facebook reviews might convince you otherwise:

The Cauldron room was the worst for me. It began to spin, and moved like a wave. Pressure on my arms and my vision was blurred. The energy was very intense…I could feel the changes in how my body was sensing things in each room.”


“I was in one of the rooms and out of nowhere I got extremely lightheaded. To the point where I had to move my right foot back to keep myself from falling over. Then at this point I couldn’t move. Everything in my body went numb. Then my heart started racing. I was able to move my arm enough to look at my FitBit and noticed my heart rate was 128, by doing nothing but standing there still. It felt like this was happening forever, but in reality it was probably only a few seconds. When we were leaving the room, that lightheaded stiff feeling disappeared, like throwing a blanket off of you.”


“I’ve never experienced such heaviness on my chest and i got a headache towards the back of neck. Times I felt nauseous and other times I felt like I wanted to cry. I would suggest taking this place seriously. It’s no joke.”



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Buzz Nola Bike Tours Shows You Everything New Orleans Has To Offer

New Orleans is a beautiful city with a rich history and a knack for whipping up some mouth watering beignets. While most tourists stick to the French Quarter, there is so much more of the city to see! Walking by foot may slow down this process a bit, and taking a tour bus won’t give you an in depth experience. However, going by bike may be the perfect solution. Specifically with Buzz Nola Bike Tours.

The company got its start in 2014 and since being bought it 2015 it has grown into one of the highest rated bike tours in New Orleans. This comes as no surprise due to their commitment to customer experience, safety, and comfort. In fact, their bikes are complete with strong durable frames, fat tires, and wide seats. Making for an extra smooth ride.

buzz nola bike tours

Photo via Buzz Nola Bike Tours

Whether you’re up for a grand tour of New Orleans, or simply want to rent out one of their bikes for a few hours, Buzz Nola Bike Tours has got you covered. You can check out a standard single speed cruiser for as little as $20 for two hours, or a swanky 8 speed electric bike at $50 for a half day and for only $10 more you can get a full day of riding . You’ll be given a map highlighting the city’s bike lanes, and safety lights if you are renting over night.  Tours start off at $50 per person, and offer riders a personal and informative ride through the beautiful New Orleans.

No matter which tour you choose, you’ll get a little bit of everything that New Orleans has to offer. If you love history, incredible sites, architecture, and tales of residents past then the complete crescent tour is for you. The garden quarter combo tour gives you the best of both worlds, by taking you through both the french quarter and the garden district. If you’re looking to take the road less traveled, the big easy bike tour will take you into neighborhoods that few tourists know about. Lastly, the creole orleans & creole breeze tour is perfect for those who want a taste of history, famous landmarks, and beautiful architecture.

buzz nola bike tours

Photo via Buzz Nola Bike Tours

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll be cruising along with the likes of Mark Ruffalo and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, we can say that each tour is 3 hours long and includes a bike, helmet, water bottle, photo stops, and of course a good time. Not to mention a unique insider perspective on beautiful New Orleans.  So hop on a bike and get peddling – you won’t want to miss this!



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Magic Hour New York Is Your New Go To Bar

In October a particularly bewitching bar opened  atop the Moxy Hotel in New York City. A self proclaimed “urban amusement park”, Magic Hour is the newest creation of the TAO Group. While kids are not allowed, it hasn’t stopped the creators from adding in some childish fun.

When you first walk in you might think that you’re about to fall down the rabbit hole and straight into Wonderland. The tunneled entrance is lit with alluring purple lights and a dizzying spiral door. But the show doesn’t stop once you’ve been granted entrance.

Photo via Magic Hour

Indoors you can gaze out the windows and into the topiary garden that features larger than life hedges of animals in some..suggestive poses. When you step out onto the patio you’ll notice that there are two distinct sides. If you’re looking for a classy night, you’ll want to hang out on the east side of the bar where the vibe is similar to one of a swanky garden party. If you’re feeling a little mischievous you can make your way to the west side which draws inspiration from carnivals. So much that they even have a rotating carousel decked out with seating. Not to mention their mini putt-putt course dubbed “foreplay” complete with flirty statues of pink animals. Despite what you may choose, you can be guaranteed breathtaking views of the empire state building.

Photo via Magic Hour

To no surprise the drinks are just as extreme as some of the decor. If you’re up to the challenge you and your crew can tackle one of three curiosities. The “disco ball for all” is basically a party in a cup (mini disco ball) filled with tiki punch. Served in a jumbo popcorn container, the “popcorn anyone?” is filled to the brim with Magic Hour’s berry bubbly cocktail. Lastly is the “high octane” – a mini fuel pump full of the bar’s float my boat concoction. Bottoms up!



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Everything You Need To Know Before Your First Skydiving Experience

first skydiving experience

So you’ve decided to willingly jump out of an airplane! While some may say this is a terrible idea (probably your mom), we say that it’s probably the best idea you’ve had today! In fact we fully support your decision to live life on the edge. But we’re sure you have questions about your big day, and lucky for you we have answers! Our friends over at Skydive Coastal California gave us some great tips on how to prepare for your first Skydiving experience. Let’s dig in.


Before You Book

Restrictions may apply

There is a minimum age requirement of 18 years old, but the good news is that there’s no limit! Skydive Coastal California recently had a lovely lady jump for her 94th birthday. However, there is a weight restriction of 250 pounds with an additional fee for participants over 200 pounds. Safety is a big priority, so if you’re pregnant with precious cargo or have a health condition, then you will definitely want to consult with your doctor before planning your jump. Even if you have a disability there are ways that make it possible for you to enjoy the experience. All that’s needed are some special precautions and equipment adjustments. So if you’re unsure just give the facility a call and see if they can accommodate you!

You won’t be solo

If you’re worried that you’ll be jumping out of a plane by yourself – don’t. While you will need to help out a little bit, all of the heavy work will fall upon your partner. You’ll be attached to a seasoned diver who will ensure that all protocols are followed, and more importantly that you have fun!

Safety is a priority

We all have someone who knows someone who had a sister that got injured skydiving. Horror stories of unopened chutes keep most people from even considering skydiving, but the reality is much different. Skydive Coastal California is part of the United States Parachute Association, and your instructors are professionals who have gone through excessive training, and have done the drill many, many times. Heck they could probably pack a parachute in their sleep! Plus having a back up parachute always helps too.


The Day Before

Lay off the alcohol

Not only does drinking make you dehydrated, but it can also lead to a nasty hangover in the morning. Does jumping out of an airplane after a rough night sound ideal? probably not! So do yourself (and your instructor) a favor and stick to water the night before. We can’t imagine either party will be pleased by getting soaked in vomit on the way down.

Check the weather

The temperature difference is usually around a 5 degree difference once you’re above ground, so if it’s cold down there it’ll definitely be cold in the air! If it looks like it might be a bit windy or rainy there is a chance that you will have to reschedule your jump. Most facilities have weather programs that are a lot more accurate than an iphone, so it’s always best to call and see what they recommend.


The Day Of

Eat your breakfast

You might think that skipping the most important meal of the day will keep you from getting sick, but you couldn’t be more wrong. The best way to ensure that you don’t get nauseas is by eating a light meal. Also don’t forget to drink water! Staying hydrated is key to feeling comfy on your flight to the jump zone. Just make sure you pee before you strap in.

Dress Comfy

We shouldn’t have to tell you not to wear stilettos skydiving, but crazier things have happened. While we’re at it, we might as well tell you to leave the sandals, hoodies, and hats at home too. Make sure your clothes are loose fitting, comfy, and weather appropriate. If you’re wondering what to do with your hair, it should be secured into a bun, braid or ponytail. No one likes a face full of hair.

It takes some time

There will be paperwork to fill out before you jump, so it’s recommended that you show up ten minutes early to get started. Afterwards you’ll take part in an informational session with your group on proper procedure, and proper form. So make sure you pay attention! Once the session is over you’ll get geared up and ready to go! Overall the process from start to finish can take anywhere from 2-4 hours.

Have fun

There’s no point in fretting the whole time, and the staff wants you to be comfortable. So if you have questions or concerns, then ask away. Otherwise enjoy your 120 MPH free fall and peaceful parachute descent to the landing zone! Oh and don’t forget to smile for your video!







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Your City Guide: Denver, CO

Going to Denver and don’t know what the heck to do? DigiMapps has got you homie! Here’s a guide to Denver, Colorado that will ensure a good time! Whether you’re visiting during the cold of winter or the enjoyable climate of summer, we have a list of things to do that’ll keep you busy!

Feed me damn it

We know the feeling. Your stomach is about to eat itself and your heart is pounding with the anxiety of finding a place to eat with good food, ambiance, and service. Your hanger is about to reach levels you didn’t know existed, and the thought of settling for Applebee’s enrages you even more.

El Five

Look to your left and find what can arguably be the best view of the Denver Skyline. Look to your right and your eyes will be met with geometric mirrors, and pops of colorful art. During the warmer months you can enjoy your tapas on the patio.

city guide Denver

Photo Via Eater


Inside these modified shipping containers you’ll find seven different restaurant concepts. Your options are endless, ranging from a classic hamburger to some authentic Venezuelan arepas.

city guide Denver

Photo via Passport & Cocktails 

Izakaya Ronin

This eatery is home to beautifully crafted sushi, extensive sake collections, and a boiler room that’s been converted into a speakeasy type bar. Whether your craving sashimi or ramen, you’ll be able to find your fix guide Denver

Photo via Izakaya Ronin


This previous mortuary is self proclaimed as Denver’s finest eatuary. Oh the puns! Their menu consists of plates from around the world, and when the weather permits guests can enjoy drinks from the rooftop Bar-V.

city guide Denver

Photo via linger


Drink. Drank. Drunk

It wouldn’t be vacation unless you were letting loose and getting hammered. Skip getting weird at dinner, even though it is convenient, and definitely don’t count on drinking at the hotel bar. Go out and grab a drink at a place that will make all your Snapchat friends jealous.

Punch Bowl Social

Honestly you could spend the whole night here and not get bored. You could grab some dinner, but the real fun begins when you grab some drinks. Belt out some tunes on the karaoke machine, play your favorite classic games in the vintage arcade, aim for a lucky strike at the bowling lanes, or compete with your friends in a game of pong, pool, shuffle board, darts or foosball.

city guide Denver

Photo via Punch Bowl Social


When I say Ping you say Pong! Grab a bite, grab a drink, and grab a paddle! This old car garage gas been transformed into a fast casual eatery, drink slinging bar, and ping pong hall.

city guide Denver

Photo via DSC

Williams & Graham 

When you enter their storefront you’ll be met with a small bookstore with dusty shelves of literature. Little do you know that behind one particular bookcase lies a cozy bar with exquisite libations.

city guide Denver

Photo via Eater

The 1 up

We’re not saying this is the best one yet, but as avid pinball fans we must say…it totally is. This bar has locations in LoDo and Colfax, each boasting classic arcade games and pinball machines. In fact the Colfax location has 42 pinball games alone. Oh and don’t forget to grab a beer too!

city guide Denver

Photo via The 1up


Adventure Is Out There

Yes mom, please let’s visit the mall and shop at stores we frequent at home. No dad, I don’t want to go to another natural history museum. They’re literally all the same. These are words we are sure get uttered on the daily by tourists. Don’t worry we got some good spots to check out that aren’t completely tragic.

Kilgore books

This lovely book store sells gently used books, local art, and alternative comics such as Unicorns of Planet Earth, King Cat, and A Horse, A Crow, and A Hippo Walk Into a Bar.

city guide Denver

Photo via On The Grid

Lakeside amusement park

Get ready for a blast from the past. This amusement park was originally built in 1908 and it still has its charm. The original carousel is still operating and the famous Cyclone rollercoaster is one of few pre-World War II coasters left running.

city guide Denver

Photo via Lakeside

Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Yes, we know that this is quite the drive BUT it’s charming and has some cute accommodations. It doesn’t matter whether it’s winter or summer, take a weekend trip and soak yourself in these 104 Degree pools

city guide Denver

Photo via Strawberry Hot Springs

Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater

If you’re lucky enough to be around during the warmer seasons, you can catch a concert at the legendary and truly breathtaking amphitheater. If not, you can still visit the park year round to take a tour or take a hike along its trails!

city guide Denver

Photo via Red Rocks



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There’s A Secret 3 Story Pirate Bar In San Francisco

secret pirate bar san francisco

A lot of things would come to mind when looking at 650 Gough Street. The plain and unnamed storefront nestled between a dry cleaners and a liquor store would lead one to believe that just like the rest of the neighborhood, it was boring. In fact, upon first glance you may think it was possibly abandoned. Even worse, it could be a depressing insurance company filled with unhappy and mediocre employees dressed in khakis. All of these are good guesses, but also completely far off. Behind those tinted windows lies a 3 story secret pirate bar by the name of Smuggler’s Cove.

secret pirate bar san francisco

Photo via Smuggler’s Cove

No, that wasn’t a typo. Inside that bland storefront is a colorful, and brilliant pirate themed bar. As soon as you walk in you’ll feel like you’ve stepped on board of the Jolly Roger. The space is decked out with barrels, fishing nets, wooden beams, lanterns, colorful lighting, and of course rum. Loads of rum. Like 550 bottles of rum. So if you love rum more than Captain Jack Sparrow (which would be a little excessive) then we think you’ve found your new spot.

secret pirate bar san francisco

Photo via Smuggler’s Cove

If they have that grand of a selection of rum, then their massive drink menu should come as no surprise. After your done gawking at the waterfall, and the anchor hanging from the ceiling you are left to rifle through an 80 drink menu. The adult beverage world is your oyster and it’s overwhelming enough to make anybody’s head spin.  Do you go with a traditional rum drink like a Cora Middleton? Or something fun like a Top Notch Volcano? If you can’t decide, we hope that you will find comfort in the fact you can request a punch card that keeps tracks of all the beverages you’ve tried. Drink your way through the menu and become a voyager of the cove!



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